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Manuia te Tauhaga Fou!

Talofa gatama Nanumea i te tauhaga fou tenei, ko “lua sefulu, sefulu”!!    In Nanumea, and in most of the places Nanumeans live, Po o Tefolaha is being celebrated as this is written.  Ane mo Kiti mo temaa kaaiga katoa wish you the best, as the year begins and as you enjoy this festive time.   These days, from Christmas through the New Year, to Tefolaha’s Day, and for some weeks longer in Nanumea itself, this is a time for community, for family, for church remembrances — it is a very special time for Nanumeans all over the globe.  Our hearts are with you.  Alofa lahi atu — Kiti mo Ane ikonei i Oregon.